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The BIG ALbum

August 1st, 2012

Hi there! The BIG ALbum is the world’s first Engloid album starring Big Al! I’ve devoted myself this year to producing an album that I feel demonstrates Big Al’s versatility in a variety of music genres.

Without the people who took part in our Kickstarter Project none of this would be possible. Beyond the Kickstarter folk I would also like to thank everyone that preorded the CD from the bottom of my heart.

~Eric “Kodakami” Freischlad


Album Tracklist:

  1. Emotional
  2. If I’d Known (Woah Woe)
  3. Big Al’s Dance★Instructional
  4. Measure Up
  5. Just a Bit Lonely
  6. Little Allan’s Big Polka
  7. Big Al Pie
    + Bonus Track (CD Exclusive)


Digital Downloads:

  • If you have a Kickstarter code download it here.
  • If you preordered log in to re-download latest version.
  • General public download via the Kodakami Bandcamp

The Bandcamp version of The BIG ALbum is released under the pay-what-you-want donation model. For free downloads simply fill in $0 for price, enter your email, and then select the format you would like to download as.


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