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The BIG ALbum Dedications

January 29th, 2013

Special thanks to the following people for being so influential in making The BIG ALbum possible!

Production & Wisdom

J M Alexander – For teaching me to see the commercial applications and artistic value in every genre and piece of music, and for answering all my questions at length.

Brian Coffi – For taking the time to show me the ropes, and inspire me to venture from my MIDI dark ages into the world of DAWs.

Jon Del Castillo – For shredding your axe at my beck and call, and for continued inspiration to delve deeper than the surface in every pursuit.

Gunnar Eisel – For teaching me music theory, and for showing me the great and terrifying world of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Jake Falasca – For teaching me music, and for relentlessly putting up with me in my awkward teen years.

Christopher Helvey – For always being there, and for providing the level-headed opinion that keeps my Big Al Pie from coming out half-baked. S with P.

Robert Kehrberg – For the unbreakable Bank of Bob that keeps throwing money at stupid ideas in return for better stupid ideas.

Stephen O’Hara – For teaching me electronics and mixing, and how to refine my sound.

Scott Schwarz – For bringing me to love music and adopt it as my true passion, and for teaching me that if I don’t take pride in my music, it’s an insult to the audience.

Dan Wilshire – For showing me the insatiable power of the orchestra, and how to bend it to my will. Never sacrifice tone for volume!


I have to take a moment to humbly thank each and every person who supported me through Kickstarter (and other sites). Without you all, I would probably have given up VOCALOID music very quickly. Now I have no excuse but to show you what I can do.

In particular, I’d like to thank “Aushi” “Samuel”, and “Noboru” for giving me more money than was even necessary for the highest rewards tier. Your dedication to the art is not lost on me, and I humbly bow with gratitude.


“Aki Glancy” – For clawing at every chance to collaborate with your fellow musicians, and for being a continued driving force that I crave to outdo.

“Mini” – For The BIG ALbum title logo and for making me realize how stupid I can be.

“Mooncrafter” – For always being ready to collaborate, and for striving every day to improve yourself as an artist, musician, lyricist, and singer.

“Myst Saphyr” – For being the very first artist to agree to settle for my music, and for being the queen of UTAU, long may she reign.

“PhonyPsychic” – For being my go-to moé-chibi-cutesy art guy. I will need your services much more in the future. I have a thing for your art style.

“Sappu” and “StellarFactory” – For jumping on the opportunity to make a Promotional Video for one of my tracks, and for putting up with/adhering to my critiques.

“Sahara Sabaku” – For graciously accepting an album art request from a big, scary gaijin, despite a tremendous workload, and for finishing it in record time.

And finally, an extra special thanks to the following:

Mama and Papa – For your unconditional belief in my ability and constant monetary proof of that fact, and for listening to every song I make repeatedly until I’m satisfied you’ve enjoyed it.

And to Shaun “Hentai” “Ariolander” D Farol, who can take a bleak image of an English VOCALOID album and turn it into something few in the world can top in production quality. Your contribution to the Western VOCALOID community brightly outshines that of any other producer or fan. If you could sing, we’d all be out of a job!

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