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Vocaloid Music by Eric Freischlad

State of Mind to Keep Alive

March 25th, 2012

Lyrics and Vocals: Sohly
Music and Production: Kodakami

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This past month I’ve had the honor of collaborating with YouTube’s Sohly and “Behind the Curtain Project” to bring you this song. This isn’t just a song to be enjoyed like the rest you’ll find on my channel. It has a message for you all that I, and everyone else with Behind the Curtain, hope you’ll take to heart:

“Bullying in school and everywhere else in life is a serious problem. We hope you’ll take the message to heart and make changes to improve other people’s lives, rather than break them down”.

I think Sohly puts it in ways that I can’t put into words in this description, so have a listen to the song and take to heart what we’re trying to say.

Behind the Curtain Project’s Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/btcvocaloidproject

Kodakami Vocaloid